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Our equipment fleet:

The most important characteristic of our equipment fleet is the continuous innovation. As a leading printing house we cannot afford to use just any equipment but the most state-of-the-art Heidelberg, Duplo and Horizon equipment. In the summer of 2016, as a result of a EUR 3,000,000 investment we were able to double our capacity. Today we are able to print 8,000,000 A4 size pages per day, thanks to the Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106-8-P offset printing machine, the most modern printing machine available in Europe. Our already highly developed bindingsectionhas been expanded significantly as well, as we have acquired our third Heidelberg Stahlfolder KH-82 folding machine. We specialize in the one-pass 4+4 color printing, while our main activities are centred around the printing of catalogues, brochures, annual reports, marketing and advertising materials, leaflets, journals, quarterly, monthly and weekly papers, periodicals and books.

Take a peek inside our equipment fleet

  • st450


    stitching machine

  • cd102


    5 colors + varnish B/1 printing machine
  • xl106


    8 colors B/1 printing machine
  • hdb_sm52_6


    5 colors + Hybrid varnish B/2 printing machine
  • sm1022


    2 colors B/1 printing machine
  • duplo


    Collating, folding, stitching maching. Loop stitching is also possible.
  • flexomailer


    card gluing equipment

  • b1folding_2


    B/1 folding machine
  • st350


    stitching machine
  • kh82


    B/1 folding machine

Our Certifications

The Pauker Printing House could not have become one of the leading printing houses ofHungary without considering high quality as an important factor. This is why we perform our printing works in compliance with international certification standards, thus ensuring for our Customers and for ourselves that the printing materials produced by us are perfect.



Environmental protection is not only a task, but a mission for the Pauker Printing House. This is why we were one of the first companies to acquire the FSC certification, the purpose of which is promoting responsible forest management.

fsc The independent certification organizations accredited by FSC provide a trademark for proper forestry management and for the accurate and trackable record of the movement of materials (e.g. paper) made of certified wood, maintaining the so called Chain of Custody. The certification guarantees that the given product is from a forestry, where during the logging and replanting of the forest,biodiversity and the maintenance of ecological balance are taken into account. In order for you to use the FSC logo it is not enough to use paper originating from responsible sources, you must work with an FSC certified printing house, like the Pauker Printing House.

ISO9001 ISO 9001:2009 certificate – The compliance with high quality requirements has always been significantly important for the Pauker Printing House. For this reason we perform our printing work processes in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 audited quality assurance system. This way we can always guarantee the highest quality service for our Customers.

ISO14001 ISO 14001:2004 certificate – Environmental protection is not only a task, but a mission for the Pauker Printing House.For this reason the company puts agreat emphasis on the compliance with environmental protection requirements, we perform our printing works according to the environmental management standard.

magyar-nyomdatermek Hungarian Printing Product Trademark - The Hungarian Printing Product trademark certifiesfor the Consumer that the manufacturer prepared the product in the highest quality that can be expected of itby giving the best of its knowledge. Furthermore it certifies that the company operates in accordance with laws and normal business behavioural rules and it can be tracked down at any time as it is a member of the Association. Last but not least, it informs the Consumer that the product was produced in a Hungarian printing house.
The Hungarian Printed Product logo is the exclusive intellectual property of the Hungary Printing and Paper Industry Association that can be used by the Pauker Printing House upon the permission of the Association and incompliance with the rules of the policy.

Bisnode AAA – According to the Bisnode rating the Pauker Printing House was awarded with the AAA certification in 2015, only 0.63% of companies operating in Hungary achieved it. This is the highest level rating recognizing that the financial risk of establishing a business relationship with the Pauker Printing House is extremely low.Potential Customers can engage in business activities with us securelyand they can expect to have a long-term collaboration with us.

Our Awards

Superbrands The Superbrands award: We are proud that each year since 2009 the Pauker Printing House has won the most prestigious award of Hungarian business brands, the Superbrands award. The Superbrands trademark isa quality indicatingcommunication tool, raising awareness and confirming decisions in each case, it enables the brand to stand out from the competitors and provides opportunities for the reliable quality to become a success story. Today this award is not only an alignment point for the marketing and communication profession but also a true acknowledgment representing value and quality for a wider audience.

Magyar Brands MagyarBrands award: It is an extraordinary acknowledgment for the Pauker Printing House to have won the Magyar Brands award each year since 2011. This award is given to Hungarian companies that can remarkably represent Hungary abroad as well.The values linked to the brand of the Magyar Brands transmit an evident message in the domestic and international markets, through which the reliability and recognition of the products can grow in the eyes of the business partners.

Best Print BestPrint award: As one of the leading printing houses of Hungary we find it crucial to challenge ourselves professionally from time to time. One of the best ways to do it is entering the BestPrint competition organized by the Hungary Printing and Paper Industry Association, awarding the entering printing houses in many categories. In 2016 we took home the goldmedalin 2 categories (multi-color cardboard book and single color hardcover book) and won the grand prize in the Finishing category, out of the 3 grand prizes.


Béflex Solutions – Péter Boros: “Quality and deadline – these two concepts describe and present the activity of the Pauker Printing House properly and thereby contribute to our Customers’ satisfaction. More than 10 years of partnership,characterised by a fair and professional collaboration and supported by the continuous innovation of the Printing House.”

Borhi Ágnes Mátai and Végh Creative Workshop – Ágnes Borhi: “I like printing companies that seek flawless results and Customer satisfaction. If they are reliable, they will treat you as their partner and help you realize even your boldest ideas. Pauker is exactly like this and that is why we have been working together with them for years.”

Guti Péter Scientific Publisher – Péter Guti: “We are satisfied with the performance of the Pauker Printing House and their approach towards us to an extent not experienced before. We have several reasons to be satisfied: onthe one hand, they engaged a highly flexible approach in case of our two-week delay in delivering the material and in spite of that they took all efforts to ensure that we could receive the publication by deadline in faultless quality. On the other hand, we thank them for not enforcing possible additional costs arising from the late delivery in the price. This absolutely unusual attitude in today’s world confirms that our decision made approx. two years ago to entrust the Pauker Printing House with performing our works was right, because here we can be provided with maximum service both in terms of quality and human approach.”

Dr. Lőrincz György St. Andrea Winery – Dr. György Lőrincz: “The St. Andrea Winery strives to work with reliable partners who seek to do something good, while constantly in the process of rejuvenation and refinement. In my opinion, Pauker and its staff fit this description!”

Dr. Virág Judit Virág Judit Gallery – Dr. Judit Virág: “In the past 13 years, the fine quality of the albums representing our gallery has been the result of the outstanding printing work performed by Pauker Printing House. We feel secure, because Pauker keeps all deadlines, even if theyseem impossible.”

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