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General Terms and Conditions

Our company shall perform every order – unless a separate contract is prepared - according to the current General Terms and Conditions (GTC) that can be downloaded for free from our website and it shall fulfil its liability obligation accordingly. Please read our GTC carefully prior to submitting your order or in case of a complaint.

In the Pauker Printing House we pay special attention to controlling and keeping our service and product quality at the highest level. The outstanding quality is guaranteed by the operation of the company in line with its ISO 9001 certified system, the quality assurance requirements of the company and the continuous monitoring of their compliance with these.

In case you have any comments or complaints in relation to the products or services of the Pauker Printing House, please contact our Colleagues immediately.

Each complaint is forwarded to our Quality Manager – András Csorba, Quality Manager – who in addition to recording the actual complaint takes the necessary actions in line with our Quality assurance and control policy upon receiving the complaint.

According to our Quality assurance system each quality complaint shall be recorded, investigated and commented. As result of the commenting of the complaint we provide the opportunity for the complaining party to have the complaint assessed based on the inspection protocols, through negotiations agreeing on the method of taking responsibility.

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