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Who we are

Vértes Gábor

I have started the Pauker Printing House in 1989, which has developed to become one of the leading sheet offset printing companies in Hungary. Since then we not only grew our Headcount but our equipment fleet has also gone through a significant innovation process. Today we are working with the most state-of-the-art Duplo, Heidelberg and Horizon machines. In the summer of 2016 we were able to double our capacity with a nearly EUR 3,000,000 investment: with the Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106-8-Pprinting machine, the most modern offset printing machine available in Europe. Our daily printing capacity doubled andnow we are able to print 8 million A4 size pages per day. We specialize in the one-pass 4+4 color printing, while our main activities are centred aroundthe printing of catalogues, brochures, annual report, marketing and advertising materials, leaflets, journals, quarterly, monthly and weekly papers, periodicals and books. We are bound by our given word and the quality associated with our name.

Although the practical work is not my responsibility as I am organizing the business activities, I still insist on hiring each new employee myself. It is my firm belief that by treating our employees as partners, we are making them interested in our success giving a sense of success not only to Pauker, but to them as well. We provide opportunities for them to expand their professional knowledge, learnlanguages and participate in renowned international conferences such as the DRUPA.

Our Customers can also expect this level of professionalism and loyalty from us. One of our most important principles is to demonstrate correct business behaviour based on our given word, since we strive to build a long-term relationship with all of our Customers. Looking back at the nearly 30 years since we started, I am proud to see that the name of the Pauker Printing House became the equivalent of quality, reliability and the correct, long-term business relationships.

Until you can personally visit the Pauker Printing House, please watch our introduction video available at the following link.

Click here to our introduction video!

Gábor Vértes
Founder and Owner,
Managing Director of the Pauker Printing House

Our Company Philosophy

Our traditions and corporate history going back to 100 and 30 years respectively compel us to perform our work responsibly in every field.Our responsibility extends beyond the premises of the printing house. Not only our employees, but all of our business partners can always take our word for granted!

Our Customers can count on us in every aspect of the word. We will find the solution for every questionor demand,while ensuring the quality and reliability that the Pauker Printing House stands for. Our Colleagues are available to support you from the first step, starting with the order submission. In order to achieve the perfect and at the same time cost effective print, we provide the best manufacturing technology, the best possible offer and variable and unique designs by using all the opportunities provided by technology and our expertise. You can manage your order comfortably, with the continuous support of your personal contact person.

No printing company can provide continuous high quality without having suppliers and business partners that meet its expectation. For this reason we aim to build long-term relationships with our subcontractors, as we do with our Customers. We provide all the support they might need, even by providing space for them within our site. The strength of the Pauker Printing House lies in this asall the subtasks can be performed at our company site from the prepress to the printing and to the post production such as binding, foiling and coating. With this unique opportunity we can significantly reduce the shipping and communication costs as well.

At the same time we are aware that we would not be able to meet the expectations set for the Pauker Printing House without the skills and competence of our Colleagues. For this reason we provide opportunities for them to continuously improve, learn languages and participate in professional exhibitions,such as the DRUPA. We are proud that 12% of our employees have been on the staff for more than 15 years, 25% for more than 10 years and 50% for more than 5 years, being part of the team of the Pauker family.

Our most important assets are the people!

Our Mission

As one of the leading sheet offset printing companies in Hungary it is our mission to continuously perform at the highest level in the field of printing,and instead of keeping up with the latest trends we aim to take the lead in the application of these. We are continuously looking and searching for the latest technologies and materials in order to perfectly satisfy our Customers as we aim to achieve the perfect print. We strive to deliver the best Customer experience, as the maximum satisfaction of our Customers is what enhances the reputation of the Pauker Printing House.

Of course we focus on our future as well. Making great efforts in training dedicated and highly qualified professionals for the printing industry is a core element of our vision. That is why we joined the initiative of theHungary Printing and Paper Industry Association, the campaign called “Print is YOUR future!”
The purpose of this program is to call the attention of children from primary school age to the printing industry as a possible career choice through interactive school and printing house visits where they can learn about all the opportunities the printing industry can provide for them.

Furthermore, it is our mission to stop negative rumours about the end or the death of prints and printed products. Although the digital evolution and the spread of online surfaces have provided extraordinary opportunities for the world, this is not the end of printing technology!
For example, Nielsen examined almost 1400 campaigns of 450 brands within the period of 11 years and made the conclusion that 34% more revenue was shown in the case of ads that appeared in printed media – for example in magazines – than in the case of ads placed online. TheAdblock and Hubspot case studies also show that Consumers prefer printed ads, as they find printed ads to be the least annoying of all. Digital noise is too high online and it distracts the Consumer from the ad. The competition is too big in the virtual world. Instead, an advertisement seen in a magazine can catch the attention of the Consumer better as there are no other distracting factors that would stop him/her fromfocusing on the advertisement. Many surveys show that in case of printed advertisements Consumers pay attention to the ad for a longer period, versus the online ads.
Since we are on this topic, the magazine buying trend shows promising signs as well: e.g. according to the survey of the American“Association of Magazine Media” the number of magazine buyers increased in the USby 6.2 % from 2015 to 2016, in addition to that the magazines reach even bigger masses than TV shows.
We can also talk about one of the biggest miracles of marketing, the DM letter that is at its peak again in today’s world. A generation grew up that sees the receiving of a letter addressedspecifically for him/her by post as a new thing, rather than being approached via e-mails or Facebook ads to be encouraged to buy things. Surveys prove that the personalization of DM letters allow the transmission of the message to the target group – if the statement is well done and it is designed in a professional way–and encourage the Consumers to buy. We are here to help you in anything you need in order to provide you the perfect end product at the end of the printing process!

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

As an environmentally conscious printing house we put great emphasis on environmental regulations and with regard to our use of paper, on the preservation of trees. For this reason, the Pauker Printing House acquired the FSC certification that guarantees that the raw material of the FSC certified product:

  • has been produced with responsible forest management (that is, planting two trees for every tree cut and the logged tree being planted specifically for this purpose);
  • is not originated from an illegally cut tree or from a protected forest the values of which would be endangered by the forest management;
  • is not originated from a genetically modified plantation;

With your products being labelled with the FSC logo,you can also show your business partners that environment consciousness is important to you!

In addition to the environmental protection, reading and thus the popularization of books is of key importance to us, which is an obvious choice for a printing house. In this spirit and with the aim of creating a tradition, we have launched our children’s book collecting program in 2016, during which we have basically collected children’s books from ages 0-18. Among these were youth novels, novels, colouring books, poetry books, training booklets, picture books and textbooks for disadvantaged children. Our initiative was supported by individuals, companies and publishing houses as well. At the end we were able to collect 6,000 volumes for children living in temporary homes for families, maintained by theEcumenical Aid Organization. You can view the pictures taken during the handover of the books and the printing house visit held at the same time below.

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