Advantages provided by Pauker

Quality: ISO 9001:2000 certified company management, printing in compliance with ISO 12647, quality and environmental program.
Speed: Printing capacity over 4 million A4 pages per day, automated color adjustment, complete in-house binding.
Low prices: All subtasks are performed within one site; the prices of the products are not increased by the profit of subcontractors or any agent’s fees.
Production security: Our technical equipment allows us to keep all deadlines at all times.

Corporate social responsibility

Pauker devotes special attention to environmental and social responsibility, which are included in a number of corporate programs. In addition to our CSR program renewed each year, Pauker assumes the honorary task of supporting the work of creative artists, as well as sponsoring events and publications. The company also participates in the maintenance of non-profit foundations.


Partners at the poker table
Playing card is a real sport! We invite our friends and business partners to play poker and make it a tradition. Invitations will be sent out in
Pauker’s soccer team has been competing in various small-pitch leagues for seven years, with some remarkable results. 

20 years in the forefront

Our most important objective is customer satisfaction.
Always staying in the forefront of competition is a real challenge.
The awards received in 20 years and the satisfaction of our customers guarantee that we are up to the challenge every year.

2006 - 2007 évi oktatásunk
az alábbi forrásból valósul meg:

A fejlesztés cégünknél nemcsak egy szlogen: uniós támogatással újítjuk meg technológiánkat

Vállalkozásunk 2012 júniusában 90 528 000 Ft vissza nem térítendő támogatást nyert az Új Széchenyi Terv, Közép-Magyarországi Operatív Program támogatási rendszeréhez benyújtott „Technológia fejlesztés nyomdagép beszerzésével a PAUKER HOLDING Kft-nél" című pályázatával.